1: "Intense Abs in 5 min" Engage core muscles with fast-paced exercises for quick results.

2: "Crunch and twist" Combine crunches with oblique twists for a full ab workout.

3: "Plank variation" Challenge core strength with plank variations for a sculpted midsection.

4: "Leg raises" Target lower abs with leg raises for a complete 5 min workout.

5: "Mountain climbers" Speed up metabolism and burn fat with mountain climbers.

6: "Sprints" Add high-intensity sprints to engage core and boost calorie burn.

7: "Russian twists" Strengthen obliques with Russian twists for a defined waistline.

8: "Flutter kicks" Tone lower abs with flutter kicks for a strong core.

9: "Cool down" Finish with stretches to prevent injury and improve flexibility.

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