1: "Introduction to Feng Shui principles in low-maintenance landscaping for harmony and peace in your outdoor space."

2: "Selecting low-maintenance plants that are in harmony with the five Feng Shui elements for balance and tranquility."

3: "Incorporating natural stones and pathways to create a sense of flow and energy in your outdoor design."

4: "Utilizing water features and fountains to activate prosperity and abundance in your low-maintenance landscape."

5: "Arranging seating areas and outdoor furniture to promote relaxation and contemplation in your Feng Shui-inspired design."

6: "Creating balance and symmetry in your garden layout to enhance the flow of positive energy throughout your outdoor space."

7: "Choosing outdoor lighting fixtures that illuminate pathways and key focal points to enhance the beauty and serenity of your landscape."

8: "Implementing Feng Shui principles in your low-maintenance landscape design to attract positive energy and good fortune into your outdoor space."

9: "Maintaining the harmony and balance of your Feng Shui-inspired landscape with regular upkeep and minimal effort for lasting beauty."

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