1: Ncuti Gatwa, known for his role in Doctor Who, dreams of confronting a Dalek.

2: The talented actor is eager to take on the iconic Doctor Who enemy.

3: Fans of the hit series are excited to see Gatwa battle a Dalek.

4: Ncuti Gatwa's desire to face a Dalek has fans buzzing with anticipation.

5: The Doctor Who star is determined to challenge the fearsome Dalek.

6: Gatwa's ambition to encounter a Dalek showcases his passion for the show.

7: Ncuti Gatwa's enthusiasm to confront a Dalek highlights his dedication to Doctor Who.

8: Fans eagerly await the moment when Gatwa finally meets a Dalek on Doctor Who.

9: Ncuti Gatwa's longing to face a Dalek proves his commitment to the beloved series.

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