1: Zaldy, Drag Race designer, clarifies RuPaul's patch dress not inspired by Maddy Morphosis.

2: Media speculated Ru's patch dress paid homage to Maddy's work, Zaldy denies.

3: Zaldy sets the record straight on RuPaul's iconic patch dress origin.

4: Designer Zaldy reveals inspiration behind RuPaul's patch dress creation.

5: Speculation debunked: RuPaul's patch dress unrelated to Maddy Morphosis.

6: RuPaul's dress designer Zaldy dispels rumors of Maddy Morphosis tribute.

7: Zaldy's perspective: RuPaul's patch dress design diverges from Maddy Morphosis.

8: Behind the scenes: Zaldy's insights on Ru's patch dress creative process.

9: Drag Race fashion reveal: Zaldy reveals true story behind RuPaul's patch dress.

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