1: Dwayne Johnson wows fans with onstage dance moves at CinemaCon. Stay tuned for Moana 2 in 2024.

2: Fans are excited for Dwayne Johnson's return as Maui in Moana 2. Get ready for a splashy sequel.

3: Dwayne Johnson teases Moana 2 at CinemaCon. The Rock is back for more adventure in March/April 2024.

4: CinemaCon attendees get a sneak peek of Dwayne Johnson's dance skills. Moana 2 is coming soon.

5: Dwayne Johnson stuns crowd with his dance routine at CinemaCon. Moana 2 promises more magic in 2024.

6: Expect epic dance numbers from Dwayne Johnson in Moana 2. The sequel is set to make a splash in 2024.

7: Dwayne Johnson's performance at CinemaCon hints at exciting things to come in Moana 2. Stay tuned.

8: Fans rave about Dwayne Johnson's dance moves at CinemaCon. Get ready for Moana 2 in Spring 2024.

9: Dwayne Johnson charms audiences at CinemaCon as he teases Moana 2. Don't miss the sequel in 2024.

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