1: Explore the controversial glove found at the crime scene in OJ Simpson’s trial. Did it really not fit?

2: Learn about the prosecution’s argument that “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” regarding the glove.

3: Discover the defense team’s strategy in using the ill-fitting glove to sway the jury’s opinion.

4: Uncover the media frenzy surrounding the glove’s significance in the trial of the century.

5: Analyze the lasting impact of the glove incident on the public’s perception of the criminal justice system.

6: Reflect on the racial undertones of the glove incident and its implications for race relations in America.

7: Examine the role of DNA evidence in the OJ Simpson trial and how it influenced the verdict.

8: Consider the continued debate over the glove’s fit and its significance in the case.

9: Conclude with a discussion on how the glove incident continues to captivate audiences and shape legal proceedings.

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