1: "Disability is natural. We must stop believing that disabilities keep a person from doing something." - Stephen Hawking

2: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." - Scott Hamilton

3: "Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live." - Neil Marcus

4: "Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does." - Stella Young

5: "My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well." - Stephen Hawking

6: "People with disabilities have abilities too, and that is what this course is all about.” - Isabel Aguirre

7: "Never let the limitations of others limit your vision." - Oscar Pistorius

8: "Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision." - Stevie Wonder

9: "Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

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