1: Jennie Garth reflects on her iconic "I Choose Me" line from 90210, a pivotal moment in her career journey.

2: The significance of "I Choose Me" as a North Star for Garth, inspiring self-love and empowerment in her life and beyond.

3: The lasting impact of Garth's powerful message, resonating with fans worldwide and inspiring a new generation.

4: Garth's personal journey of growth and self-discovery, rooted in the empowering message of "I Choose Me."

5: How Garth's iconic line continues to empower and inspire individuals to prioritize self-love and authenticity.

6: The evolution of Garth's career and personal life, guided by the empowering ethos of "I Choose Me."

7: The cultural significance of Garth's iconic line, shaping narratives of self-worth and empowerment in popular culture.

8: Garth's reflections on the enduring legacy of "I Choose Me" and its role as a guiding principle in her life.

9: Garth's inspiring journey of self-empowerment and authenticity, fueled by the timeless message of "I Choose Me."

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