1: Actress Olivia Munn shares a heartwarming video of her son Malcolm telling her she's beautiful. His little voice melts hearts.

2: In the adorable video, Malcolm repeats the sweet phrase, "You're so beautiful, mama," to Olivia Munn.

3: Olivia Munn captures the precious moment on camera and shares it with fans on social media.

4: The actress is clearly touched by her son's loving words and can be heard saying, "You're so cute."

5: Fans of Olivia Munn flood the comments section with heart emojis and words of admiration for Malcolm's sweetness.

6: The video highlights the special bond between mother and son, as Malcolm's innocent gesture warms hearts.

7: Olivia Munn's fans can't get enough of the touching video, praising the actress for sharing such a precious moment.

8: The video serves as a reminder of the simple joys in life and the power of a child's love and innocence.

9: As the video goes viral, Olivia Munn's followers are left feeling uplifted and grateful for the heartwarming moment shared with them.

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