1: Pedro Martinez assures fans that he and his Red Sox teammates will support Tim Wakefield's children.

2: The bond between former Red Sox players is unbreakable as they come together to help a friend in need.

3: Pedro Martinez emphasizes the importance of taking care of one another, on and off the field.

4: Tim Wakefield's children will always have a strong support system thanks to the Red Sox family.

5: Pedro Martinez reflects on the legacy of Tim Wakefield and the impact he had on the team.

6: Red Sox players stand united in their commitment to ensure a bright future for Wakefield's kids.

7: Martinez shares heartwarming stories of Wakefield's kindness and generosity towards his teammates.

8: The Red Sox community rallies together to honor Wakefield's memory and support his children.

9: Pedro Martinez's promise to Tim Wakefield: "We will always take care of your children, just like you took care of us."

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