1: Discover 5 NCIS Locations You Can Visit in Real Life with Michael Weatherly. Explore iconic filming spots and dive into the world of the hit TV show.

2: Visit the iconic NCIS Headquarters in Washington D.C. and feel like a special agent alongside Michael Weatherly. Experience the thrill of solving crime.

3: Step into the Naval Criminal Investigative Service Cafeteria in Los Angeles and enjoy a meal where your favorite characters eat. Michael Weatherly approved!

4: Explore the streets of Santa Clarita, California, where many outdoor scenes of NCIS are filmed. Follow in Michael Weatherly's footsteps as you unravel mysteries.

5: Take a trip to the real-life Bethesda, Maryland, and get a taste of the NCIS lab experience. Channel your inner forensic scientist with Michael Weatherly vibes.

6: Venture to the stunning San Pedro, California, harbor where NCIS has filmed numerous scenes. Enjoy the coastal views and imagine Michael Weatherly by your side.

7: Experience the energy of the real-life New Orleans as seen in NCIS. Visit iconic locations from the show with a Michael Weatherly-inspired sense of adventure.

8: Immerse yourself in the charm of Virginia Beach, Virginia, where NCIS has filmed exciting scenes. Capture the essence of the show with a touch of Michael Weatherly.

9: Embark on a journey to the diverse city of Los Angeles, where NCIS has been brought to life. Discover hidden filming locations alongside Michael Weatherly's spirit.

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