1: Shea Couleé responds to fans' criticism over her 3-star twist on Drag Race AS7, explaining how it's misunderstood.

2: The drag queen opens up about the challenges of being on a reality TV show and dealing with viewer backlash.

3: Fans question Shea's decision-making on the show, but she stands by her choices and remains unapologetic.

4: The pressure of competing on Drag Race AS7 is intense, and Shea discusses the emotional toll it took on her.

5: Shea's journey on the show is filled with ups and downs, but she remains resilient and focused on her goals.

6: Despite the criticism, Shea's talent and creativity shine through, proving her worth as a fierce competitor.

7: The drag community rallies behind Shea, showing support and solidarity in the face of negativity.

8: As the season unfolds, Shea's true colors are revealed, and fans start to see her in a new light.

9: In the end, Shea's journey on Drag Race AS7 is a testament to her strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit.

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