1: Ippei Mizuhara, Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter, charged with $16M bank fraud in March/April 2024.

2: Mizuhara accused of stealing from Ohtani's accounts, faces serious legal consequences.

3: Ohtani shocked by betrayal, expresses disappointment in Mizuhara's actions.

4: Investigation reveals Mizuhara's elaborate scheme to embezzle millions from Ohtani.

5: Mizuhara's reputation tarnished as details of fraud case emerge in the media.

6: Ohtani's team takes legal action to recover stolen funds and seek justice.

7: Mizuhara's arrest sends shockwaves through baseball community, raises questions about trust.

8: Ohtani remains focused on his game despite distractions caused by former interpreter's scandal.

9: Mizuhara's trial date set, Ohtani's future decisions may be impacted by ongoing legal proceedings.

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