1: Explore Lindsay's thoughts on Carls lack of ambition and its impact on her summer house getaway.

2: Discover how Carl's behavior affects Lindsay's sex life during their March/April 2024 vacation.

3: Uncover the tensions between Lindsay and Carl as they navigate their differing attitudes towards ambition.

4: Delve into the complexities of Lindsay's emotions as she reflects on Carl's lack of drive.

5: Understand the nuances of Lindsay's perspectives on intimacy during their vacation.

6: Witness the challenges Lindsay faces in maintaining excitement within her relationship with Carl.

7: Experience the highs and lows of Lindsay and Carl's relationship dynamics during their March/April 2024 trip.

8: Learn how Lindsay navigates the balance between fulfillment and disappointment in her summer house escapade.

9: Reflect on Lindsay's journey towards understanding herself and her relationship amidst conflicting ambitions.

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