1: Actress Taraji P. Henson discusses her role in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" in an exclusive interview for March/April 2024.

2: Henson reveals behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the animated film and the challenges she faced.

3: Learn about Henson's favorite moments on set and how she brought her character to life.

4: Discover what drew Henson to the project and how she prepared for her role in the sequel.

5: Find out what Henson hopes audiences will take away from the movie and her thoughts on the film's impact.

6: Henson opens up about her experience working with the cast and crew of "Ralph Breaks the Internet."

7: Read about Henson's career highlights and her upcoming projects in the entertainment industry.

8: Explore Henson's journey in Hollywood and how she continues to inspire fans around the world.

9: Don't miss Henson's captivating interview on her latest film and her passion for storytelling on screen.

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