1: 1. "Hidden Figures", a hit biographical drama, leads Taraji P. Henson's top-grossing movies list, earning over $236 million worldwide. 2. "The Karate Kid", where Henson co-starred, raked in $176.6 million globally, securing a spot in her top earners list. 3. "Ralph Breaks the Internet" brought in $529.3 million worldwide, with Henson lending her voice to a character.

2: 4. "Think Like a Man" and its sequel collectively grossed over $171 million worldwide, showcasing Henson's box office appeal. 5. "What Men Want", a gender-swapped remake, earned $72.2 million globally, adding to Henson's successful filmography. 6. "No Good Deed" scored $53.8 million worldwide, proving Henson's versatility in the thriller genre.

3: 7. "From the Rough", a sports drama, earned $2.5 million worldwide, highlighting Henson's range in storytelling. 8. "Date Night" brought in $152.2 million worldwide, with Henson in a supporting role, contributing to her box office success. 9. "Tyler Perry's Acrimony" raked in $46.4 million worldwide, showcasing Henson's compelling performance in a dramatic role.

4: 10. "Four Brothers", a crime thriller, grossed $92.5 million worldwide, solidifying Henson's presence in diverse genres. 11. "The Best of Enemies" earned $10.2 million globally, showcasing Henson's talent in historical dramas. 12. "Proud Mary" brought in $21.9 million worldwide, adding to Henson's filmography of action-packed roles.

5: 13. "Person of Interest", a sci-fi thriller TV series, elevated Henson's profile with critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. 14. "Empire", a musical drama TV series, showcased Henson's acting prowess and garnered a loyal following. 15. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" earned $333.9 million worldwide, with Henson in a supporting role.

6: 16. "Term Life" brought in $21,258 worldwide, featuring Henson in a supporting role in this crime drama. 17. "The Family That Preys" earned $37.1 million worldwide, showcasing Henson's ability to captivate audiences in family dramas. 18. "Larry Crowne" grossed $74.3 million worldwide, with Henson as part of the ensemble cast.

7: 19. "Acrimony: The Spin-Off" premiered on streaming platforms, introducing an extended storyline inspired by Henson's film character. 20. "The Good Shepherd" earned $99.5 million worldwide, with Henson in a supporting role in this espionage thriller. 21. "Talk to Me" brought in $4.7 million worldwide, highlighting Henson's talent in biographical dramas.

8: 22. "Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball" sold over $1.1 million in DVD units, with Henson reprising her role from the original film. 23. "Hustle and Flow" brought in $23.6 million worldwide, earning critical acclaim for Henson's portrayal of a sex worker. 24. "Alien: Covenant" grossed $240.9 million worldwide, with Henson in a supporting role in this sci-fi horror film.

9: 25. "What Men Want 2" is slated for release, promising another box office success for Henson as she continues to shine in the industry. 26. "The Best of Enemies 2" is in development, offering Henson another platform to showcase her acting range and storytelling abilities. 27. "Proud Mary 2" is rumored to be in the works, solidifying Henson's status as a leading lady in the action genre.

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