1: Unlock a leaner, stronger core with these top exercises. From planks to Russian twists, discover effective moves for sculpting your midsection.

2: Planks engage your entire core, targeting key muscles for a flat stomach. Hold for 30 seconds to start, gradually increasing your time.

3: Crunches are a classic core exercise that tones your abs. Perform slow and controlled reps for maximum effectiveness in sculpting your midsection.

4: Russian twists work your obliques and help define your waistline. Hold a weight or medicine ball for added resistance and sculpting power.

5: Mountain climbers are a dynamic core exercise that torch calories while sculpting your midsection. Keep your core engaged and move at a quick pace.

6: Leg raises target lower abs, helping you achieve a toned and defined core. Control your movement and avoid swinging for maximum sculpting results.

7: Bicycle crunches engage both upper and lower abs, sculpting your entire core. Twist your torso and touch elbow to knee with each rep.

8: Flutter kicks strengthen lower abs and improve endurance in your core. Keep your lower back pressed into the floor for proper form.

9: Side planks challenge your obliques and improve stability in your core. Hold for 30 seconds on each side to sculpt a strong and defined midsection.

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