1: 1. Ziva David triumphantly returns to NCIS. 2. Ziva reunites with Tony DiNozzo. 3. Ziva's emotional goodbye to Gibbs.

2: 4. Ziva takes down a terrorist cell. 5. Ziva confronts her past in Israel. 6. Ziva's fierce loyalty to her NCIS team.

3: 7. Ziva reveals she is pregnant. 8. Ziva's heart-to-heart with Gibbs. 9. Ziva and Tony's bittersweet farewell.

4: 10. Ziva's daring undercover mission. 11. Ziva's tender moments with her daughter. 12. Ziva's resilience in the face of danger.

5: 13. Ziva's emotional return to NCIS. 14. Ziva's heartfelt reunion with Gibbs. 15. Ziva's powerful presence at NCIS.

6: 16. Ziva's clever undercover disguise. 17. Ziva's deep connection with Tony. 18. Ziva's unwavering dedication to justice.

7: 19. Ziva's poignant moments with Gibbs. 20. Ziva's fierce protection of her team. 21. Ziva's bold actions in the field.

8: 22. Ziva's emotional farewell to Tony. 23. Ziva's determination to seek justice. 24. Ziva's unforgettable legacy at NCIS.

9: 25. Ziva's courageous sacrifices for her team. 26. Ziva's unwavering commitment to truth. 27. Ziva's enduring impact on NCIS.

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